Big Kahuna, fresh out of the oven

The best season of the year is followed by what is frequently known as the most unsuccessful season of the year: “Resolution Season”! There is a reason that so many resolutions fail. So many of these resolutions are weight loss related and require a person to give up something in order to achieve said resolution. Completely giving up something you love is hard under the easiest circumstances, but when put to the test, even the toughest have a hard time standing strong. We say, don’t deprive, thrive! Here are a few tips.

  1. Share! Of course you should share the pizza, but what we mean is share the journey of a resolution with someone. Chances are if you start out on your own, you will fail within a two-week period, but having someone to help keep you on track gives you a much better chance of success.
  2. Express yourself! Discuss your experience with friends and family. Let them know about the journey you are on. It reduces the risk of grandma setting down a large plate of gut busting food that you are expected in intake. We suggest the personal size!
  3. Give your body what it wants. I don’t mean that you should give in and eat 10 whole pies in one sitting, but instead order your salad as the main portion of your meal, and only have 1 or 2 slices of pizza. Limiting yourself is much easier to work through than cutting yourself off completely. It also helps to manage your cravings and stop over eating because you are not denying yourself completely.
  4. Appreciate the little things. You have already decided to not completely give up pizza, but you are limiting yourself. So when you do get an opportunity to enjoy your favorite pizza, really take a few minutes to appreciate the little things. Spend a minute to take in the gooey cheesiness that is your pizza before diving into your first bite. It was made by an artist and should be admired.
  5. The more you exercise the more pizza you can eat! Use carry out instead of delivery. Go for a bike ride, a hike, a run or a swim. Get outside and play with the kids. Whatever you choose to do enjoy it. Increased physical activity will also generally improve your mood. Makes it easier to avoid falling into the “comfort food binge” trap.
  6. Compromise. You want pepperoni, your significant other wants cheese. Order it half and half! You are only going to eat a couple of pieces any way, remember? Don’t fight the toppings battle, maybe instead suggest an alternative crust. Wheat or cauliflower for example. Get everything you are looking for and a few less calories in the process.
  7. Celebrate the little victories. The loss of even one pound is reason enough to celebrate if weight loss is your goal but, you should also celebrate when pizza shows up at the office.

We hope these tips help you be successful and still get to taste one of your favorites over the next few months. Just remember that we at Ultimate California Pizza can custom build any pizza you need to help you make your goals. Wheat? Ready for you any day. Cauliflower? How many do you want? Gluten sensitive? We got that too. Make this the year your resolution that works. We are here to help.