Nothing is more relieving than coming home from a long workday and knowing you don’t have to cook dinner tonight.  Most households hold this glorious day for Fridays, typically making it a pizza night.  Now you have to decide, carry out or dine in?

Everyone has a different opinion about whether they like going out and dining in a restaurant or conveniently picking up dinner to eat in the comfort of home.  Most restaurants have seen a considerable change in this since the COVID-19 pandemic.  Restaurants responded by offering more options to go.  Now 40% of consumers say they will continue ordering this way.  

More and more people are less motivated to leave their houses to eat in a restaurant even though it is safe to do.  The option of walking through the door with a ready-cooked meal is too good to pass up.  Online ordering helped catapult the takeout trend.  60% of American consumers order carryout or delivery at least once weekly.

I personally think that nothing can beat getting dressed up and heading out to a nice sit-down dinner.  Not having any dishes to do, getting good quality service, and walking away full and happy sounds better.  Dining inside a restaurant is an experience.  At Ultimate California Pizza, you get a laid-back surfer vibe.  Glance up to see the underwater and watersports-themed video.  It will have you wondering where you packed away your wetsuit and if you should pick up some board wax on the way home. 

Whether you agree with me or not, it’s good that Ultimate California Pizza offers both.  Whether you want to go have a night on the town and enjoy our friendly staff and excellent service or the ease of picking up your meal and heading home straight– we give you the option!

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