With Christmas right around the corner, it has us thinking and seeing gifts and decorations everywhere. Decorations on street lamp poles, houses, stores, and everywhere else we go this time of year. For that matter, we started seeing decorations for sale in September of this year. Of course, that seems on par for what 2020 has given us so far, but it made us think about how perfect a gift pizza is.

At this point, you are probably rolling your eyes but stick with us for a minute. Christmas gifts have a lot of things in common right? Very rarely are the inside items the same. The gifts inside have especially changed over the years but they still feature many of the same things. They are given to people with who we feel a positive connection. They are delivered in an attractive wrapping. They typically have a tag on them indicating who they are for.

Now compare that to pizza. Pepperoni might be the most popular topping (read more about that here: https://ultimatecaliforniapizza.com/2020/09/30/pepperoni-pizza/), but there are so many choices that every pizza could be different. Just like the Christmas gifts, every pizza is different.

Pizza is given and shared with people we share a strong connection with. Friends, family, roommates, etc. The special people in your life are the best people to share a delicious pizza with. The memories you have the opportunity to create while sharing a pizza with the special pizza in your life can be some of the strongest memories of your life.

Pizza is delivered in an attractive wrapping. No, not every pizza box is as exciting and colorful as the box you receive when you order from Ultimate California Pizza. But we had to create a box that was special enough to carry the special pizza inside. Not every pizza box is special enough to hold a Large Big Kahuna or a Moon Doogie on a gluten-free crust. The orange box with the Ultimate California Pizza logo on top is our way of gift wrapping your pizza.

Lastly, we even put your name on the box to ensure that you get the right pizza. Just like a gift tag, that little label indicates how important that gift is and who it belongs to. We make sure that you receive your pizza wrapped in its gift box, ready for you to open and enjoy.

Just like Christmas morning, opening a pizza box to discover a hot, delicious pizza will bring everyone joy. If you think about it, we even decorate our pizza like a Christmas tree. We take time to ensure the toppings cover the entire pizza, no gaps, no burned spots, but the perfect looking treat, every time.

Ok, so we recognize that wrapping a pizza in wrapping paper doesn’t make a lot of sense. Hence the pizza box. But you know what does wrap well? Gift Certificates! And there is still time to get yours ordered and shipped. You can also stop by one of our four locations, or any one of our eleven sister restaurant locations to purchase a Divine Dining Gift Card. Like pizza, gift cards are the gifts that keep on giving.

We wish you and your family well this holiday season. We hope you have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday and hope you will join us in 2021!