At Ultimate California Pizza, we view pizza a little differently. It is more than just a meal. Pizza is a way to bring folks together. Pizza is a conversation starter. Pizza can change the atmosphere of a meeting. Pizza tastes good and makes you feel good. Pizza is a celebration.

Have you watched the movie Home Alone? We know, it is not a recent movie, but pizza takes a pretty big role in that film. More specifically we want you to recall the scene early on in the movie when Kevin McCallister goes running towards the kitchen yelling, “Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!” His enthusiasm. His excitement. His pure, uninhibited joy at the thought of what awaits. At that moment, he is all consumed with his jubilation for the decadent flavors that await him. At Ultimate California Pizza, that is how we feel about pizza.

Why is pizza served at birthday parties? Sure it is convenient, but it is so much more than that. As a parent, we serve pizza because we know it is guaranteed to make the kids smile and fill up their bellies. We know that they will be just as excited to eat that pizza as they will be to open their presents or play with their friends. We serve pizza because we know that is what makes us the cool parents.

Just like kids at a birthday party, adults get excited about pizza in a work meeting. You can’t deny it, especially in today’s climate when we all think every meeting we sit through should be an email. Sitting in a slightly too warm conference room, that one co-worker keeps asking questions that continue to draw the meeting…. All of that can go away when pizza is brought into the office. Drooping eyes and heavy sighs, quickly turn into smiles and laughs when a delicious pizza is delivered.

Pizza can start conversations. Don’t believe me? Try asking someone how they feel about pineapple on a pizza. You aren’t going to find someone who is indifferent. It is either full support of it being on pizza or someone who is completely against it. There is never an in-between. We happen to think it belongs on a pizza. We have our Golden Hawaiian pizza on the menu for a reason. Homemade red sauce, mozzarella, provolone, smoked ham, sweet golden pineapple, green onions, dates, and shredded coconut, all on top of our delicious homemade Italian crust. YUM!

Family night + Pizza = Everyone is happy. Long week + Pizza = a good ending to the week. Pizza tastes good and makes you feel good. The warm crust, melty cheese, robust sauce, and whatever topping combination you can come up with, of course, pizza makes you feel good. Laughs with family and friends, smiles all around, pizza doesn’t let you down.

The best part about Ultimate California Pizza is that we can help you build and create whatever type of pizza you crave. Simple, you got it. Lots of toppings, you got it. Spicy or smooth. Meaty or vegetarian-friendly. White, wheat, gluten-free, or cauliflower crusts, we have it. Build it your way or let us make you one of our Gnarly Creations. Let us bring a smile to your face because, at Ultimate California Pizza, pizza isn’t “just pizza”, it is a CELEBRATION.