At Ultimate California Pizza we have some pretty wild pizza creations. We like it that way. We like to be different. We like to create offerings that most people wouldn’t think of, but are extremely pleasing to the palate. Pizzas like The River Dale, a pizza that combines thousand island dressing, mozzarella, Monterey jack, cheddar, ground beef, hickory smoked crumbled bacon, and pickle chips. Or our Black & Bleu, a pizza that uses white garlic sauce with Monterey jack, crumbled bleu cheese, blackened USDA filet, red onions, and tomatoes. But we have some pretty amazing common combinations to offer you as well. The subject of this month’s blog is our “CALI Classics”. Grab your appetite, this is about to get exciting!

Our CALI Classic menu section offers six very different pizza variations that are created with some of the most popular topping combinations, not only from our customers but from pizza lovers worldwide. However, while they are very diverse, they do have some things in common.

1. All of these offerings feature our homemade red sauce. This sauce is something we are very proud of. It isn’t your normal pizza sauce. While it does feature a blend of flavorful tomatoes we add some special herbs and spices to create that notable flavor you only get when biting into an Ultimate California Pizza.

2. Each of these delicious pizzas is topped with mozzarella cheese. Traditionally a southern Italian cheese, mozzarella has the perfect profile for pizza. Creamy and decadent, mozzarella cheese reveals mild flavors of salty and tangy all while evenly melting thanks to its soft textures.

3. You can order them on any crust we offer! If you are someone that needs variety in your life, then we are here to help! Yes, these six offerings utilize the most common combinations but you can easily mix it up by switching the crust option. You can go “Thin and Crispy” with our cauliflower crust, avoid gluten by ordering your pizza on our Gluten-Free crust, or stick with our traditional Homemade Italian White Crust. Regardless of the option you choose, all three of these choices are especially successful at delivering the toppings from the plate to your taste buds.

    We talked about the similarities. Now let’s discuss the differences!

    1. The first choice is our Cheese It doesn’t get any more classic than this!

    -Homemade red sauce, and mozzarella.

    2. Next up: Pepperoni The most common topping in all of pizza-dom. A little spice, lots of nice!

    -Homemade red sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni.The next option is our Beef & Bacon It has bacon. What else do we need to say?

    -If you want to know more about pepperoni, check out our blog post from September 2020.

    3. The next option is our Beef & Bacon Pizza. It has bacon. What else do we need to say?

    -Homemade red sauce, mozzarella, ground beef, and bacon

    4. The next pizza may be the most controversial food offering in the history of food offerings, but you can NOT deny the flavor profile that is created when combining salty and sweet. We present you our Ham & Pineapple

    -Homemade red sauce, mozzarella, ham, and sweet golden pineapple

    5. Our next option creates a love it or hates it response, but Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza is a fantastic combination and one that is extremely popular with our guests.

    -Homemade red sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, and pepperoni.

    6. Besides a Cheese Pizza, the final option may be the most popular pizza in America. Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza is something you can’t ignore. Just looking at it will make you think positive things. This pizza is perfect.

    -Homemade red sauce, mozzarella, Italian sausage, and pepperoni


    So for those of you that love pizza, but aren’t ready to leap our more extravagant offerings, or maybe you are looking for something simpler, the CALI Classics section of our menu is built just for you!

    We are proudly serving dine-in, carry-out, and delivery! We look forward to serving you!


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