I spend a large amount of time on the internet. It is what I do. I monitor multiple Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google accounts. It is an amazing career centered on helping people find their way to our food. It truly doesn’t get any better than this. I am a very lucky individual that gets to look at, read about, and taste amazing food!

However, every now and then I run across some interesting blog posts from other organizations, bloggers, food critics, and journalists.

Recently I came across a pizza hating blog titled “Barbecue sauce on pizza is sick and wrong, and you know it” I was absolutely shocked! I had no idea that people felt this way. It was almost like reading about people not liking pineapple on pizza.

So being me, I jumped on Twitter to explore this, previously unknown to me, hatred for that heavenly sauce. As expected, Twitter did not disappoint.

The reactions go from pure disgust:

To dislike:

To the desire to fully banish pizza with BBQ sauce:

But those weren’t the only reactions. Some were far, FAR worse. Some were so bad that I couldn’t share. We are a family restaurant after all. But some of the reactions were more favorable.

Some people are questioning their decisions:

@JsohDLifestyle has obviously never tried our Homemade Red Sauce, but I don’t dislike the line he is toeing:

And then there is @QuinnCat13. First, they have a cat as their profile picture. BUT…. their opinion hits all the right notes for me!

This individual likes BBQ sauce on pizza AND they agree with me that pineapple DOES belong on pizza. (For more on this controversial topic see this blog post: https://ultimatecaliforniapizza.com/2021/06/30/pineapple-yes-it-belongs/) I also happen to agree that the combination of BBQ Sauce and Pineapple create a good combination. We put artichokes on pizzas too. Asparagus though…. You lost me there.

But really put some thought into it. BBQ sauce has some tangy, yet sweet flavors coupled with a smoky flavor profile. Why wouldn’t you want to combine that with a pizza crust and the delicate and slightly sour taste of mozzarella cheese? Throw in some BBQ chicken or BBQ pulled pork and the sweet flavors of red onions, sounds like a great dinner to me!

At Ultimate California Pizza we did exactly that. We created two pizzas to capture the awesomeness of BBQ sauce. First is the High Sierra. This pizza features Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, mozzarella, Monterey jack, BBQ chicken, and red onions. The next option is The Alcatraz. This pizza treats you too Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, mozzarella, Monterey jack, pulled pork, and red onions. The addition of Monterey jack cheese adds a buttery and tangy element that ties all the flavor profiles together. Monterey jack cheese also happens to be one of the most loved cheeses in the U.S. It is also very popular in Mexican and Spanish cuisines because of the mild buttery flavors and great melting properties.

At Ultimate California Pizza we know that not everyone’s taste buds follow ours. So we have made BBQ Sauce available on the B.Y.O.P menu. This allows you to create your pizza any way you want. You could be like @QuinnCat13 and add pineapple to your BBQ pizza!


While this blog was written with some sarcasm and mainly in jest looking to make you smile or laugh, I hope you will consider giving The Alcatraz or the High Sierra a try. They are two of my favorite pizzas EVER and I would love to share them with you! That gooey, tangy, vinegary goodness topped with tangy, buttery cheeses and sweet flavored red onions and the chew of pulled pork or chicken is something that must be shared!


Does this blog have you wondering what other crazy combinations we have cooked up? Check out our online menu here: https://ultimatecaliforniapizza.com/ucp-menu/