You will find black olives on several pizzas at Ultimate California Pizza. They are fruity, earthy, and smooth and provide an excellent level of sophistication to a pizza. In a meat conversation, black olives belong. But they fit just as well sprinkled over spinach, tomato, and feta cheese. Black olives are a perfect reflection of their heritage. You are sure to be pleased with any of the pizzas on the Ultimate California Pizza menu that feature black olives.

Black olives are cultivated in many regions of the world with Mediterranean climates. They can be found in South Africa, Chile, Peru, Australia, and New Zealand. First domesticated in the Eastern Mediterranean, olives have been consumed by humans for more than 6000 years. You can find olives grown in the United States in California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Oregon, Alabama, and Hawaii. With so many olive groves in the US, Americans have developed a new pastime… Olive oil tasting. But we can discuss that another time.

In their raw form, black olives are as bitter-tasting an item as one would ever want to experience. Thankfully, at one point in history, someone was willing to take the risk and realized that all they needed was to soak in brine and cure for them to taste good. Now you will find them served with green olives throughout the Mediterranean.

It should come as no surprise that olives found their way to pizza. They originated in the Mediterranean, an area known for robust tomato sauces, flavorful cheeses, and other simple, fresh ingredients that are the hallmark of Mediterranean cooking. Black olives are a fantastic pizza topping because they tend to absorb all the flavors around them. This creates a magnification of the other toppings flavors and an even more delicious pizza experience.

You can add black olives to any pizza, but they come standard on a few other Gnarly Creation Pizzas at UCP.

First up is the Santa Cruz. A perfect combination of mozzarella, feta, fresh spinach, tomatoes, red onions, and artichoke hearts with a Garlic Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oil sauce, all on the size pizza of your choice before it is decorated with black olives at the finish. Feta provides a tangy, rich, and salty flavor combined with the milky delicacy of mozzarella, an excellent sweet taste from the spinach, tomatoes, and red onions, and a nuttiness from the artichoke all pulled together by the brininess of the black olive. This pizza will satisfy your palate with every bite!

Next up is the Berkeley. Our homemade red sauce, mozzarella, tomatoes, black olives, red onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and fresh basil combine to provide a powerful punch of umami, subtle sweet notes from the onions and peppers, and a fantastic balance between sweet and savory thanks to the hints of mint, anise, and pepper from the fresh basil. This pizza is everything you hope it will be.

The last pizza on this list is a flagship pizza at Ultimate California Pizza. The Big Kahuna. This is the pizza of your dream. Full of everything you could want, nothing missing, but every ingredient is necessary—a pizza designed to please your palate and satisfy your cravings. The Big Kahuna features our homemade red sauce, mozzarella, smoked Gouda, pepperoni, smoked ham, ground beef, Italian sausage, mild pork sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, yellow onions, black olives, and tomatoes. There is so much “wow” in this pizza; you can only get it in medium or large!

Black olives provide an extra punch of flavor and help to magnify the flavor of all the ingredients around it. That is why they work so perfectly on these pizzas. Black olives provide the perfect balance and texture to every pizza. Stop by Ultimate California Pizza. Give one of these fantastic options a try, or add black olives to your favorite pie! We look forward to serving you!



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