If you’ve visited Ultimate California Pizza Game Zone in the past month, you’ve noticed a few changes. Not only have we made a lot of renovations and moved around some games, but have added some new games and prizes for the 2018 summer season!


At UCP Game Zone, fun and games are top priority! New this year, you’ll find we’ve added some new games including Bean Bag Toss, Lane Master, Prize Arrow, Prize Party, Target Bravo and Ring Toss. Bean Bag Toss tests your aim as you try to toss the bean bag into the hole that has the most points. Sound easy? Did we mention – the holes you’re trying to toss into are spinning in a clockwise motion for an added level of difficulty. Now you don’t have to go to the bowling alley to bowl some strikes. Lane Master is a virtual reality bowling where you actually bowl a small ball at a screen which then picks up to simulate an actual lane and pins that will fall over. This game is so realistic, it’s just as adrenaline-pumping as being in a real bowling alley!

Prize Arrow is a game that tests your aim as you attempt to navigate the arrow at a spinning target wheel. If you’re successful and hit the target, your arrow will slip into one of the eight slows and you win a prize!  Prize Party is also a spinning game, but tests your timing in order to win one of the prizes tempting you from within the glass dome. Target Bravo gives you an inside look at how it feels to be a highly trained special force agent. You must use your precision in shooting and quick reactions to complete your mission. Ring Toss has allowed us to expand our section of Carnival games. The goal of the game is as easy as it sounds – to successfully throw a ring and land it around the neck of one of the target bottles. The further back the bottle, the more points it’s worth!


When you’re walking around, you may notice something new right underneath your nose – or should we say feet. We’ve put in brand new carpet with neon rings that glows with all the lights from the arcade games. And those white cluster of balls that are hanging in the dining area, they’re now aglow with color. Another update we made has been in regards to how you play games and redeem prizes. We’ve switched to the E-tix which allows to begin a new game with a simple swipe of a credit card style activator. You can say goodbye to keeping up with handfuls of tickets or losing your coins – this card electronically keeps track of all the points you earn, all in one spot. And after you’re done racking up the points, stop by the Redemption Center and check out all our new, hot prizes!

Whether you’re searching for a fun rainy day activity or a place to play after a day at the beach, stop by Ultimate California Pizza Game Zone in Myrtle Beach for a fun time of pizza, games and prizes the whole family can enjoy!