At Ultimate California Pizza we pride ourselves on serving the perfect pizza that picky people love! But we also put a large amount of our focus on big, bold flavor combinations. While the ingredients and cheeses that go on top of your pizza are a big part of that flavor, it all starts with the sauce. The sauce that goes on the pizza is an unsung hero. No one talks about the sauce. It isn’t quite the same level as Fight Club but people don’t normally call to order a pizza and specify the sauce. It doesn’t receive the praise it deserves.

At Ultimate California Pizza, we give credit where credit is due. So this month we are going to shine the spotlight on one of the major building blocks of pizza. This month we focus on the sauce! And there is a lot of sauce to focus on. We have plenty of different pizzas and that means a large variety of sauces to work with. 

Our standard sauce is a real workhorse for us. The homemade red sauce is everything you want in a pizza sauce, rich, hearty, flavorful and it goes well with all of our crusts and cheeses. You can’t go wrong. It is on 18 of our pizzas and is the most commonly ordered sauce on our B.Y.O.P. menu. If you want a traditional pizza sauce, this is what you are after.

The next couple of sauces continue with our homemade theme. We offer a total of four homemade sauces. We discussed the red sauce, but we also make our Ranch Dressing and Bleu Cheese Dressing. Our homemade ranch dressing features a tangy, sweet and creamy flavor with a little bite. It is a perfect calming combination on our Fresno and Buffalo Chicken pizzas. Each of these pizzas provides a special kind of heat that our homemade ranch dressing keeps in check for a delicious and enjoyable combination. You won’t find our homemade bleu cheese on a pizza, but it is a fantastic combination on any of our salads, or as a dipping sauce for our wings.

If you were paying attention, I said four homemade sauces, but only mentioned three so far. That is because the homemade fire-roasted salsa deserves a paragraph of its own. Found with our Chips & Salsa, Tijuana Flatbread, and as the base for our Mexicali pizza, this flavorful salsa is made fresh and is the same recipe used by our sister restaurant Nacho Hippo. We highly recommend it. You should also check out Nacho Hippo here:

One of our other popular options is our white garlic sauce. Found on five of our pizzas, this sauce is bold and creamy featuring flavors of garlic, lemon, salt, and goes well with toppings like onions, peppers, and tomatoes, as well as different herbs and meats. You can find this sauce on pizzas like our Cali White Pie and our Sonoma.

Are you looking for a spicy sauce? We have that too! We offer a Mango Habanero, Mild, and Hot Buffalo and a Sweet Thai Chile sauce that give you a taste of sweet, sour, and spicy. Our necessary sauces allow us to put forth a menu with so many flavor options. Just like honey mustard, Jamaican jerk, teriyaki, garlic parmesan, and thousand island, all of our sauces are here for a reason. That reason is so that we can provide our guests with the flavor profiles and combinations they desire.

You will find pizzas with sauces like Seasoned Olive Oil, Pesto, Pimento Cheese, or Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce. I know what you are thinking…. BBQ on pizza. The answer is yes and it is delightful! So much so that we wrote a blog about it last month! Check that out here.

At Ultimate California Pizza we believe in bold flavors and making each guest feel like family by providing them with the perfect pizza every time they visit. Perfect pizza looks and tastes different for everyone, and we have everyone covered. Come visit us to find your perfect pizza!


Want to see what crazy combinations we have created with our 18 different sauce offerings? Check out our online menu here.

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